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Interactive Content Across the Buyer’s Journey

A Beginner’s Guide

As you learned at the beginning of this module, planning interactive experiences for every stage of the buyer’s journey is a must. Not only does it help you support your buyers, but you also help drive them forward.

More than ever before, buyers are conducting self-discovery, educating themselves on their terms in their timelines. It’s imperative that marketers keep providing them with relevant, useful content in their journey―and that’s exactly what we’ll learn how to do now.

But before we do that, let’s clarify what the buyer’s journey is. You might know it by heart by now, especially if you already have a content marketing strategy going on, but it’s important to make sure we’re on the same page.

The buyer’s journey describes the path a customer goes through to purchase a product, and even after that. You could say it represents a customer’s journey with your company.

It’s made of these 4 stages: awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. 

Ready to see the best practices for each of them? Just click on the buyer’s journey timeline to know more: